Video Poker Odds

Video Poker odds are some of the best odds you’ll find in the casino. In fact, they’re often the very best; some video poker machines have such good odds that with perfect strategy, you’ll come out ahead of the casino in the long run, which is why we suggest you Play Video Poker Online. Even other games with very low house edges like blackjack can’t make that claim; while card counters can gain an advantage over the house, most casinos have taken steps to make card counting difficult or impossible. All you need to do to take advantage of video poker odds is play the proper Video Poker Strategy.

The video poker game with the best odds is the full pay, Deuces Wild Video Poker machine. This machine has a return of nearly 100.8%, slightly better than break even for the player! However, video poker odds vary drastically on different machines; if you want the best video poker odds, you’ll have to be very careful as to which machines you play. Other machines with a positive expectation for the player include Double Bonus and Double Double Bonus Video Poker games.

Of course, when we talk about video poker odds, we can also talk about the in-game odds. For instance, many players want to know when the best time to play a machine is. Can a machine be due for a royal flush or another run of good luck?

The answer is no. Machines do not remember previous hands when they generate new ones, so the video poker odds will always stay the same. If you just saw a machine pay out a royal flush, you aren’t likely to see another royal in the next few hands. However, that’s only because the video poker odds dictate that royal flushes are always rare! Don’t let what you’ve seen a machine do (or not do) lately influence whether or not you want to play a machine.

Another common question about video poker odds relates to the “double or nothing” feature. In many video poker games, the machine will ask you after each winning hand if you’d like to play a game (usually where you try to draw a higher card than the “dealer”) for the chance to double your winnings on that hand. If you win, you double up; if you lose, you win nothing.

So, should you play the double or nothing game or not? Well, that depends on a lot of factors. The double or nothing bet is actually one of the few perfectly fair bets in the casino. In the long run, you’ll win it just as often as you lose it, so the decision on whether or not to play comes down to how you want to play video poker. If you want to keep your variance low, you’ll probably want to stay away; if you like the chance at quickly increasing your winnings with a little luck, double or nothing is a good bet for you. Also, playing a machine where the house has an edge should make you more likely to play the double or nothing bet (since the fair bet being offered will mitigate the house edge somewhat), while you should avoid it if your machine pays over 100% (since a fair bet now mitigates your edge instead).

Video poker odds are enticing, since video poker is one of the few places in the gambling world where you might actually be able to beat the house in the long run – as long as you play the right machines, and play them the right way. To help you out, we have pages devoted to the best strategies and pay charts for Jacks or Better Video Poker and Deuces Wild Video Poker.