Wheel Poker Video Poker

Wheel Poker is a new form of video poker that adds a new twist to this old casino favorite. In this game, instead of having a fixed payout for every hand, the machine will enter a bonus round where a wheel above the machine spins to give a “random” prize amount in addition to the normal payout whenever you make a four of a kind. If you are looking to Play Video Poker Online you should try out Wheel Poker Video Poker!

The prize wheel offers payout amounts of between 100 and 2000 units. While the sizes of the spaces on the wheel might be the same for each of these prize amounts, your chances of hitting each one are not. The lower prize amounts are generally weighted more heavily, meaning you’ll see them more often than the higher amounts. Typically, you’ll only get to spin the bonus wheel in Wheel Poker if you use an extra, sixth coin; using fewer coins will only let you play regular video poker. When you play with the sixth coin, you’ll still get the regular payouts for five coins, with the exception of the bonus you get because of the bonus wheel.

So, how does Wheel Poker change the returns you get from a typical video poker game? Let’s take a look at 8/5 Bonus Poker. The normal version of this game offers a return of 99.17% with optimal video poker strategy – not enough to make the game profitable on its own, but often enough to make it a good deal when you factor in the rewards you might be getting from the casino just for playing it. In this game, your normal payouts per coin on a four of a kind are as follows:

Four Aces: 80
Four of a Kind (2-4): 40
Four of a Kind (5-K): 25

These payouts go up dramatically in Wheel Poker. Because of the bonus coins offered by the bonus wheel, the four of a kind payouts are closer to the following:

Four Aces: 165
Four of a Kind (2-4): 125
Four of a Kind (5-K): 110

With such higher payouts, you might wonder how these machines can be profitable for the machines at all! The answer is that, if you recall, these machines still pay out based on a five coin play, even though the player must pay six coins in order to activate the bonus wheel. Despite this disadvantage, Wheel Poker still adds value to just about any video poker game out there. In this case, the return goes up from 99.17% to 99.60%, making the casino’s edge even smaller. In many cases, this will be the best video poker game you’ll find in a casino!

For most video poker games, it is wise to use the sixth coin to activate the Wheel Poker bonus mode, because the extra money you make on a four of a kind will outweigh the disadvantage of spending an extra coin. The main exception is most forms of Deuces Wild Video Poker, where the wheel bonus is not worth spending the extra coin. This is because the wild deuces are not considered for the bonus wheel; only making a natural four of a kind will activate the bonus mode, though this does include having four deuces, or having a natural four of a kind along with a deuce. For these games, just stick with your normal five coins to maximize your return.

Wheel Poker isn’t a game that gives you a dramatically better chance of winning than a typical video poker game, but it’s still worth playing even for the small difference it makes. Since there are no special strategy adjustments you need to make to play Wheel Poker, there’s no reason not to play it if you have the choice between a regular version of your favorite game and a Wheel Poker version offering the same pay table.