Deuces Wild Video Poker

Deuces Wild is perhaps the best chance in casino gambling for a player to get an advantage over the house. If you can find a full pay Deuces Wild Video Poker machine, you’ll have the shot at a return of 100.8%, which means the machine is actually giving you the edge against the casino!

Of course, to get that edge, you’ll both have to find a full pay machine and play optimal video poker strategy (or a simplified version that’s close to optimal). First, here’s the Deuces Wild Video Poker pay table you’re looking for:

Natural Royal Flush: 800
Four Deuces: 200
Wild Royal Flush: 25
Five of a Kind: 15
Straight Flush: 9
Four of a Kind: 5
Full House: 3
Flush: 2
Straight: 2
Three of a Kind: 1

Keep in mind that you should always play the maximum coins allowed on your machine, as the royal flush will typically only pay full price if you do so.

In this game, all twos are wild, which is why you must make a pretty strong hand in order to win. As in most video poker games, you will originally receive a hand of five cards, from which you can choose to keep as many or as few as you like. The cards you discard will be replaced, and your new hand will be your final hand that is scored. While optimal strategy is very complicated, there are ways to simplify it that will cost you less than 0.1% off of your returns, meaning you’ll still hold the edge over the casino. This strategy is based on one developed by Michael Shackleford.

First, figure out how many deuces you’re holding. If you have four, you’re done – keep that hand! If you have three, you should stand on a made royal flush, or otherwise only keep your three deuces.

With two deuces, stand if you have a four of a kind or higher. Otherwise, keep a four-card draw to a royal flush, or a four card straight flush draw if two of your non-wild cards are consecutive and are six-seven or higher. Otherwise, just keep your deuces.

With one deuce or none, use the following charts, keeping the highest hand possible.

One deuce:

1. Four of a kind or higher
2. Four cards to a royal flush
3. Full house
4. Four cards to a straight flush, with three consecutive non-wild cards of five or higher
5. Flush, straight, or three of a kind
6. Any four to a straight flush
7. Any three to a royal flush
8. Three to a straight flush with at least two consecutive non-wild cards of six or higher
9. Keep your deuce, discard all other cards.

No deuces:

1. Royal flush
2. Four to a royal flush
3. Three of a kind or better
4. Four to a straight flush
5. Any pair
6. Four to a flush
7. Four to an open-ended straight
8. Three to a straight flush
9. Four to a gutshot straight (i.e., 3-4-5-7, where you need a six to complete)
10. Two to a royal flush
11. Discard everything.

It may seem complicated, but by following these rules, you’ll ensure that you hold an edge over the house every time you play Deuces Wild video poker! Feel free to print out this strategy, as most casinos will have no problem with you using a video poker strategy card while you play (especially if you are playing video poker online)!

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